Sets through the centuries

Each set contains 8 to 10 pictures varying in size up to about 3ft by 4ft. A cross-section of artists is shown in brackets.

  1. Art from ancient times (cave painting, Babylonian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek)
  2. The artist-craftsmen of Italy – Giotto to Botticelli (Fra Angelico to Botticelli (Fra Angelico, Lippi, Piero della Francesca, Lorenzetti)
  3. Leonardo – the extraordinary Renaissance man
  4. Venice in the Renaissance (Bellini, Giorgione, Titian)
  5. Pictures for Popes and Princes (Michelangelo, Raphael)
  6. Famous people of the Renaissance (portraits)
  7. The northern Renaissance (Van Eyck, Van der Weyden, Rembrandt, Bosch, Durer, Cranach)
  8. Three Flemish masters – Brueghel, Rubens and Van Dyck
  9. Views of the world through Dutch eyes (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hobbema, Brueghel, Ruisdael)
  10. Painters of Spain (El Greco, Velasquez, Murillo, Goya)
  11. Architecture through the artist’s eye (Palladio plans, architectural posters, Canaletto, Guardi, Bellotto)
  12. The age of Rococo (Watteau, Fragonard, Boucher, Pater, Lancret)
  13. Classical and Romantic points of view (Poussin, Claude, Delacroix, La Tour, Turner, Friedrich)
  14. English town and country painters (Reynolds, Gainsborough, Hogarth, Constable, Turner)
  15. Painters with a message (Daumier, Millet, Courbet, Van Gogh, Degas)
  16. Some famous Victorian paintings (Pre-Raphaelites, Dadd, Egg, Fildes, Landseer, Whistler)
  17. Impressionists at work (Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Morisot)
  18. Seeing life in Paris (Manet, Degas, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec)
  19. The bright vision of the Symbolists (Moreau, Redon, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Toorup, Klimt)
  20. Four heroes of Post Impressionism (Cezanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh)
  21. Van Gogh – the troubled Dutchman
  22. Colours that shocked the critics – wild beasts and blue riders (Matisse, Derain, Kirchner, Marc)
  23. Picasso – man of bold ideas
  24. Cubism calls the tune (Picasso, Braque, Dufy, Chagall)
  25. Modern views of cities – movement on canvas (Boccioni, Balla, Delauney, Kokoshka, Grosz, Kirchner, Macke)
  26. Artists of the Bauhaus (Kandinsky, Klee, Feininger)
  27. The world of Surrealism and Dada (Dali, Miro, Magritte, Ernst, Arp, Duchamp)
  28. Modern British masters (Nicholson, Moore, Nash, Spencer, Gertler, Bacon)
  29. Modern masters in the Tate (Picasso, Dali, Ernst, Matisse, Gauguin)
  30. Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art (Rothko, De Kooning, Pollock, Rauschenberg, Warhol)